August 8th, 2004

Back from polycamp...

... and in communication with the world again. Got to catch up on all my listmail and such, and post a few intros to LJ groups I've joined. And get back in touch with numerous friends. Did so with *other* friends at PolyCamp; especially with Linda and her brood of followers.

I've got a good positive plan for the time from now through September, and ideas on habits to continue past then. I haven't done the contingency planning yet, for what happens if I curl up into a depressed little ball when I get back to NJ. That's an overstatement of the likely negative occurrance, but it'll do as a first model. I've posted similar positive models in the past; I'll post another if anyone's interested in reading it. I'll have a greater need to talk through the contingency planning, later.

Still need to make garb for Pennsic while we're here; that's tomorrow's project. And patch the air mattress after the Fourteen Cats incident. And possibly buy a cartop carrier for the Honda to get all this shit up to Butler. And start researching whether we can feasibly re-do the Viking Longbus for Burning Man next year. That ought to keep me busy for a few days.