August 10th, 2004

Boom Boom Boom Splooosh, second try

Just lost a post; not sure how that worked.

Day was running great up 'til 3:30pm. Got the camping gear in from the farm, emptied out the car and re-packed it, called stores 'til I found a cargo carrier, reserved it, decided we really didn't need it, called landlord, bought ice, and did a whole lot of running around and mundanity. Felt fully justified in falling down for a nap.

Got up from the nap and couldn't get started. Finally did, more out of sheer willpower than anything else -- and that's flagging, now.

Pennsic prep

Got a T-tunic laid out and pinned, and am working on cutting it with a scissors that's not really up to the job, but it's the best I could find here on my own.

Looking forward to sewing with trepidation, and to finishing the garment with more of same. No experts handy to kibitz when needed or when I look from across the room like I'm going to do something colossally stupid. Hopefully I won't sew up the bottom and make myself a giant baby romper, or something. Oh -- and remember to cut a head-hole, too.

I'd had Gabe outline me for a pattern. He's not as literal as his older brother, but still plenty literal enough, and I'm not exactly symmetrical. So neither will my tunic be. If I'm looking too pitiful, I'll punt and buy one on-site, but I'd prefer not to. Got three more to do after this one.

Zack is starting to ask some pointy questions. Good for him and I hope he continues, but coming up with answers is going to take a fair amount of work on my part. I hope I get to answer him before we leave for the War on Friday, but I wouldn't bet on it.