September 7th, 2004

Okay, made it as far as the library...

...where I'm sitting here listening to my adrenal glands do handsprings on the arms they don't have.

Am I afraid of the shit-fits the Evil Ex will throw when the boys come to live with me? Partially. She *will* throw a fit, that's a given, and she's proven by her actions she has no qualms against endangering the boys or committing perjury if it'll win her a point. As a mixed blessing, she's not stupid; she won't endanger anyone unless she's likely to win something for doing so.

I'm more concerned with how my extraordinarily-talented eleven-year-old will play both ends against the middle. He's *gooood*, and I'm supposed to be the adult here. And with his Mom on the other end looking for any excuse to paint me as a flesh-eating monster, it'll be a tight vise to be in.

Zack I'm much less worried about. I'm certain I'll get shit from him, too, but it'll be neatly packaged in a giftwrapped box, labelled "Shit" on the cover in English, Japanese, and Lojban. He'll want commentary on the quality, too. But he's sixteen, and revolting is part of what sixteen-year olds do. I'm braced for that.

So: Get a new house I can't afford, get new job, file for child support, fend off Evil Ex without giving in to the temptation to become evil myself in response, fight an expensive and unwarranted ticket in municipal court, and write up my lifegoal so I can sort out how much of it fits into grad school and how much of it i should accomplish elsewhere/elsewhen. And then break for lunch, pursued by those conservative friends who're offended by my political post from this morning.

Oh, and then write some domination fantasies for some friends that I'm way behind on. I *know* I used to have a sexuality around here *some*wheres. Maybe the baboon got it.