September 12th, 2004

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Had posted an entry from Scott and Ibit's at about 5am; apparently, it didn't make it.

I'm now back home, and getting stuff done, though my head feels full of marshmallows. Barleycorn yesterday was good to have gone to; re-opened some ancient friendships.

Now to get a tire. Then an apartment, and a job, and a grad school program. And start a mailing list with Benny, Mac, Roy, and Daniel on it, to discuss What About Civilization, why do we want one, and what do we as individuals do about it. There are probably other lists out there for this purpose, and other people interested in the question and its correlaries, but I haven't identified 'em all yet.

(no subject)

Read Noel's journal, and it sparked some memories of yesterday at the Feast of St. John Barleycorn.

I wanted to go fight. I haven't fought in a dozen years or so, I've had a heart attack since then, my back was getting tired just walking around and watching, and I wanted to armor up and go at it. So much for common sense.

Many SCA types are among the most gentle people I know, so it strikes me as silly that at an event they're all wearing weapons. Most of 'em even know how to *use* the weapons, and they're still silly. I could puzzle out why, I suppose. I might get back to that.

The SCA has gotten much more *real* in the 25 years or so since my first event. Back then it was a bunch of people playing Let's Pretend. Now, Court was a real Court, and felt like one. Given that I live in New Jersey, where the corruption rate in the real courts is vastly higher than in the SCA courts, this gets kind of depressing.

More thoughts on this later; need to go run some errands.