September 23rd, 2004

Bite sized pieces and social responsibility

Still learning the "Write in bite-sized pieces" lesson. I tend to want to take two (or six, or whatever) disparate topics and bang 'em together 'til I come to understand how they *do* relate, which takes all day, and the blog form seems to be dedicated to the Art of the Sound Bite.

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Sweet, sticky, and leaves rings in pots

My second day trying sleeping pills; while I slept okay last night, I still feel like an overboiled marshmallow in the morning. There's still a world out there, right?

Had a good evening with Zack last night; he brought over a movie on Terry Gilliam's experience trying to make a film of Man of La Mancha. We discussed the idea of doing so ourselves; I should go get the cliff's notes for him so he doesn't have to *start* by reading eight hundred pages of Cervantes.

Had the idea of placing it in Jersey City, with Sancho as a goth and a chubbier Morgan Freeman clone as the Don.

First, get dayjob, get new living place, and get started doing a Real Job on career planning for both boys. I can share that with them this afternoon.

Before even that, go over to the Y and work my butt off and see if it gets the brain running.