October 4th, 2004

Non-electric starting

Okay, got out of bed and went for a bike ride with Zack. Starting to get chilly out, which you notice a lot more at 20mph on a bike than you do going for a stroll.

Now to get a day started. Shower, change, clean the room, apply for jobs, write, and take Gabe to his dance class. And do laundry, if I get the time to do that. And I'll stop there, before the list gets rediculous. Edit: Showered, changed, applied for two jobs in person, and had to deal with housemates on some tidiness issues. Now pooped and in need of nap; back to the rest shortly.

Assume for discussion you were poking around an interesting machine, and it transported you to a fledgling Mars colony. What would be going on, and what would you want to do there?

(no subject)

It's a bummer when you can't get a nap right. Tried crashing shortly before noon; lay there pretending to sleep for an hour, fooling no one, then got up and cleaned out my closet. And now for coffee; if I'm not going to be well-rested, I can at least be conscious.

Of course, this morning I slept in all the way 'til 4am; if I could sleep in 'til six or so I might not have this problem.