October 6th, 2004

That damned "C" word again

Community has become an empty buzzword; it hardly means anything anymore as a word. Any commonality between people can be described as community; it doesn't even have to be people. I've heard ants described as a community, too.

But it's still important to me. In particular, the aspect of maintenance of language. One person can't maintain a language; they can't control how their answerer responds. It takes several people, who agree on referents and logical operations, to maintain a language. How many? I don't know. Two aren't enough, because they can't demonstrate that a particular operator applies to them in specific rather than as a general case. Three? Again, I don't know.

Languages aren't unitary, either; they overlap, branch, rejoin, and are generally sloppy, like most of the rest of the living universe. Consult your nearest basketfull of puppies for a concise example.

More, perhaps, later, as more brain cells come on-line.