October 14th, 2004

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I keep writing, and producing incomprehensible gibberish. Possibly I should just dump a lot out there and let yez all pick through it yourselves.

I've read several posts this morning on the subject of "Is the country (US) still salvageable, or do we have to do the revolt thing all over again?" Well, let's decide what we *want*, and we might have some chance of getting it.

Read a psych report on bush, claiming he's a sadistic megalomaniacal narcissist. I think that's right; that's what people *like* about him. We've got a lot of repressed kink going on in the country, and he's *almost* crazy enough to tell us all about how he disciplines his daughters.

On second thought, in that family, *they* probably do *him*.

National politics are a great way to distract yourself from little local things that actually count.

(no subject)

For some reason I'm thinking of someone who has overturned their car. And their solution to the problem is to take the vehicle completely apart, re-orient each individual piece, and put them all back together again.

And the what-next circuit in my brain is wondering how that works with a dyslexic mechanic.