October 18th, 2004

From the Global to the nose-pickery

Took Zack for his morning bike ride, and froze my ass off. Or fingers, more accurately. Presumably if my fingers had been *in* my ass they would have been warm, but I'm damned if I can figure out how to ride a bike in *that* posture. If I can get into it in the first place; not sure about that.

I need to figure out fast exactly what I'm telling the Evil Ex when about the move, and write and file court papers to match it. I'll add that to the list of moving, dealing with the DMV, getting a new job, getting the Ficton Factory running, and starting on the serious research for Gabe's career. Oh, and mine, too. Gee, and whatever shall I do with all the spare time left over?

In order for the Ficton Factory to work well, I'll need at least two more ficta to track. PolyMars is a good one; I might also be able to come up with something merging the worlds of EmigrationTime (a time-travel story) and Savage Resorts (a fool-the-scientists story). Does anyone have a back-story they'd like to toss on the pile? Do any software geeks have a suggestion for how to track 'em all? I'm familiar with CVS and was going to use it, but the state of the art may have moved while I wasn't looking.

I think for organizing the new household I need four tracks: Inventory, Budget, Schedule/Calendar, and Contacts. What, how much, when, and with whom. No, there should be a fifth, for Experience -- what is/was the dramatic and meaningful content of what we did or plan to do.

That's all a bunch of lovely tracking, but doesn't discuss what it is that's being tracked. Okay, it's the life of the family; how am I defining "Life" and "Family?" And no, these aren't idle and pedantic questions; I have to explain life to an Aspergers' kid. He'd prefer that I start at the atomic level before moving on to the biological level and thence to the cultural level, and close by providing an elegant description of civilization. I'm not capable, but it's a good way to find out just how well I can do.

This morning I'll settle for having breakfast, getting showered and dressed, getting to the bank to order checks, getting Zack from school, and going to the speech/protest in South Jersey. Have to get back by 3:30 to take Gabe to dance class, then go back to the rooming house and sleep.

And what do *you* have planned for the day?



(no subject)

I read someone's Letter to Ex this morning, and am thinking about writing one myself. I don't think I'm calm enough yet, but figuring out what to write might be a good meditative exercise to get that way.

But it has to be a letter that doesn't end with a count-down and a real, literal explosion.

The Cat Weighs In

Check out http://www.livejournal.com/users/bad_bad_zoot/3781.html for a feline take on the electioneering.

I was on-location for the shrub's speech today, but Kerry supporters were confined to the parking lot across the street. After an hour of shouting and jumping up and down, Zack and I determined that we didn't know what if anything we were accomplishing, and lunch would be a better idea, so we left. A pity; I wanted to ask the shrubbery if he'd be willing to swear on his bible that if there *is* a draft, his daughters will serve as front-line infantry.

To combine a number of ideas into one post, assume a Kerry victory. Does Edwards serve better as VP, or would it be better to appoint him to the Supreme Court and pick a new veep?



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So what are the real possible outcomes of the election?

Kerry wins.
George wins, and serves his term.
George wins, and is removed from office by impeachment, tried for treason, and shot.
George wins, and is removed from office by a cabal of conservative Republicans who decide they don't want a faith-based presidency. This might be by impeachment, but would more likely be by a declaration from the official Presidential doctor that the President is delusional and can no longer serve.

I think it'd be useful to discuss each outcome, both from the POV of probability and as a "what if?" exercise.

If Kerry wins, I don't envy him the job. I think he'll try a fairly classical nuanced approach, and if he does reasonably well will manage to avoid any major and immediate catastrophes while not materially helping our long-term prospects. Call it 50% Jimmy Carter and 50% Bill Clinton, with the minor alteration of being more discreet about whatever he does with his dick.

If George wins and serves his term, I think we're in Heinlein's "Crazy Years", and I regret that my kids being in bondage to my Evil Ex would keep me from gathering them up and emigrating to Kiwiland.

If George wins and gets shot, it's an open question of whether Cheney gets the next bullet. If he does, this is the most just outcome I can imagine; it would also leave the Speaker of the House as President. I'd hope that President Hastert would simply try to make as few waves as possible, per ex Gerald Ford. But I don't *know* anything.

If Cheney does dodge the bullet, keep his health, and take the top office, what then? I'm not sure; I don't *like* Cheney, but I don't think he's *completely* nuts.

The same options occur if he's removed from his own side as well, come to think about it.