October 24th, 2004


Still being distracted by election shit. Given what I've been reading about polling fraud, I think the boosh will win handily, with an exactly even share of the popular vote with Kerry and a solid 290 to 300 electoral votes. That's votes recorded, of course, not actual votes. Actual votes I suspect will run about 60% Kerry, and actual electors about 320 to 340 for Kerry. But they won't get reported that way.

I also think it's irrelevant. He's already done enough damage to sink the country; his second term will land us in a military theocracy, but the difference between a military theocracy and a democratic republic isn't so much greater than the difference between a barren wasteland and a democratic republic to hold my interest.

So how do I raise my children and hold converse with my friends, and how will that change under the theocracy? And what can I do about it now?

Now I go get the keys to my new apartment. Tomorrow I call about my new not-quite-minimum-wage job. The next day I file for custody of my sons and child support. The rest of the week I deal with the Evil Ex telling Dancing Boy what an evil nasty man I am and that all the problems of the universe are my personal responsibility. Actually, not; she's more subtle than that. I'll have to figure out what the new official party line is.

In the meantime I got myself another freelance electrical job; a day's work, a hundred bucks. Gotta go do.

Scattered light through clouds

Feeling much better philosophically, but not so good physically right this minute. Nothing serious, just a belly-ache. Probably not related to this morning's car accident. No one injured, but I'm going to be without powered wheels for a while.