October 25th, 2004

Working on "Human"

Feeling much better, if not *good* yet; see title. I suspect my body just needed a systems purge and arranged to get one; while that explains the bellyache just fine, I have to wonder how it rigged the car accident. Just enough of a pain in the ass to get me moving, not enough to really screw things up badly.

Immediate first, then Important. Immediate will be dealing with the insurance mess and getting the car fixed. I also need to get a start on various Official Paperwork re: the owning of cars, starting with getting a new copy of my birth certificate, followed by getting a new registration for the old van and moving title on the Honda over to me and getting both vehicles insured. About two weeks worth of work overall, spread over a couple or more months.

I'll need to organize Moving Day a week from today. Get all my stuff out of here and out of storage and over to the new place, and staged for the taking of a full physical inventory and deployment. I'd guess that to be two to three days work; the full physical might take a day or two longer. Inventory's always a pain.

After that will come shopping. Zack'll need at least a new bed, and Gabe will want a hammock, which strikes me as an excellent idea. The New Place will need a name, too; have to come up with something good and appropriate. What else I need to shop for will be determined by the inventory and the designs for the New Place. I hope I can persuade lavendertook to visit and provide a suggestion or two; the woman has a unique and phenomenal aesthetic sense. And she'll likely always be a "friend-*without*-benefits" (to *me*, at least), which I find frustrating in someone so attractive, but we'd done a good job of turning attraction into a bit of comedy schtick over the years, which makes it easy to deal with. I play a good buffoon when the need strikes.

Once in the new place there'll be stuff to make; Gabe wants a MicroHouse and I'd like to build him one. The table saw I've got; I'll need eighteen sheets of plywood, some 2" pipe, and a bushel basket of hardware. He also wants a hovercraft, but that'll wait a few years. Zack still has problems learning how to want; I hope I can come up with a cute sexy project that strikes his fancy, but that'll be tough. A vehicle-mobile gaming LAN would be a good project; pull up in a step-van and let fifty gamers plug into the patch panel and play. (Or go wireless.) That'd be about a year or two's worth of project, but if I can get him fired up it'd be worth the investment. Could probably get it financed, too.

While this is going on I need to take care of immediate employment. Target hasn't called me back yet about the graveyard shift job, but they've screwed up on that before. The right fingers know not what the right thumb is doing, and the left side is Right Out. I should also arrange a backup job for that one. I think a year or so of graveyard would be an excellent opportunity to get the New Life started; low stress, enough bucks to squeak by, barely, and unloading trucks will give me adequate cardiovascular exercise without the tedious necessity of a gym. I can then spend days seeing to the needs of the boys and getting the Ficton Factory started.

Two small businesses want me to start them, and they also harmonize with a 10pm - 6am work schedule. I've been getting bits of handyman work, which can eventually lead to starting a contracting company, which fits nicely on the community design document. Need to finish the warehouse job in Delaware for that; need to call 'em today and arrange time to finish up. And the company dancers at Gabe's performance have started asking for my massage skills; I'll need to get certified in New York, which when I last checked it out in '79 would've costed about eight grand and six months time. The six months is probably still the same; I'm guessing the expense will have doubled. Time to do the homework and find out.

ANd somewhere in this scheduling, probably starting this week, comes filing the motion for custody and support, and the furious drama that will cause. The end result will probably come out for the best, but the Ex can and probably will milk it for about six months worth of courtroom drama.

My housemate Achmed is back from Egypt; I have to show him fuck_arabs. I predict much hysteria, followed by a comically determined and probably unsuccessful attempt to get laid.

On the ficton factory I'll need at least three worlds running. PolyMars is working out fairly well; I need to work up a political decision-tree for it, without wasting too much time and effort on it. Politics affects that plot but isn't the center of it. Studying hydroponics will be more central from the geeking end, but defining the characters and their interactions will be the critical stage. Same for Savage Resorts, with different geeking. I need a new ficton, too; not sure yet exactly how far out. Might be a couple of decades, might be a few centuries. If anyone has any thoughts or inspirations to share, please do; input is always valuable.

That covered both Immediate and Intermediate, but I haven't approached Important yet. Creating "Us" as a People is the main and critical task. There are a number of approaches to take to it, and the best way to handle it is the Manhattan Project style; do everything at once and see what all the furious activity shakes out of the rafters. Going to grad school and studying Aspergers is a part of this; getting involved in some aspect of quasi-organized Judaism is another. ("*This* you call *organized* religion?") And there's the pagan approach, the humanist approach, and Stasheff's Spanish Knight.

Building my own household and family is a central part of that. Don't know how *ready* I am to create new love yet, but I guess I'll learn soon enough. There are probably twenty or thirty juicy issues there to chew on; if you spot one you'd like to chew on just mention it and I'll be delighted to masticate with you. Or on you, if that's your kink and I don't mind your taste.

This cleared my mind wonderfully, but I strongly suspect that by having violated my "one question per post" principle I will have succeeded in confusing all the worthwhile people who might have otherwise done me the lovely service of asking a pointy question. If you're read this far and could be persuaded to have such an inclination, please *do* ask. I'll promise to answer, and I'll even make an effort to have the answer address the question.

Off to the salt mines,



...at dealing with my sister, who has been giving advice of the "give up first, *before* they ask" school, which is not helpful when dealing with the Evil Ex.

And phoo on flimsy cheap phone jacks, too.