October 26th, 2004

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Today need to get car to shop, call Target about the job, call insurance people, write Evil Ex re vacations and car titles, draft custody motion, and post about it to my divorce support group. Then go finish the phone jack job, and call the warehouse job and explain why I can't get to Delaware for a while.

My head's starting the "pre-headache shutdown" pattern, which will be a real nuisance if it develops. And it sucks being up at 3am anyway if I'm not going to be working then.

But a week from now I'll have my own place to live, after 2.5 years of rooming-houses. Yay! And I can think now of how I would like to live in it.

I like building things, and I'll have what of my tools I've been able to keep accessable. Gabe can get his micro-house if I can find the plans to build it with; Ken Isaac's book *should* be accessable.

I like having company and entertaining. Who wants to come over for dinner?

Noon Update
Got car to shop, called Target and insurance people and delaware job. Went to the phone jack job and worked on it for a while; I'll post on that separately. I start at Target 6pm tonight; better get a nap. Wrote to Zack on his xanga blog; need to see him this afternoon. Still need to write to Evil Ex and write the custody motion, but I suspect I'll have to put them both off 'til tomorrow.
End Update

Finish; not a bad day

So I got a rental car, and went for my orientation at Target. And I sent an email to the Evil Ex in response to her phone call about kid-scheduling for the rest of the year. Haven't gone to read her response yet, if she's sent one; I figure to have a nice evening first.

I work tomorrow night, then Sunday and Monday. Not much of a schedule, as yet. But it's a start. Tomorrow I'll finish up the phone-jack job and take Gabe to his dance class; that's a full day. Thursday, if conscious, I'll go to Delaware and hopefully finish the warehouse job. If not, then sleep.