October 28th, 2004


Okay, I worked a full shift last night, and I'm not tired at all.

Brain is fairly confused, though. Having trouble concentrating, though that's not new. When the concentration works, it works fine. *Getting* it to work...

Falling metallurgy, shrubbery, and fruit

Okay, still spinning my wheels. Let's see if I can identify all available irons that have fallen out of the fire recently, and do something about them:

I haven't notified my old landlord that I'm moving, yet. My fault, though the move only became definite last week.

I haven't called the phone company or the cable company yet about getting service at the new place.

I haven't sent George writeups of the talks I'd like to give at February's poly convention.

I haven't given up on the sexy schoolteacher out on Long Island, even though the commute is impossible for anything steady. I really ought to stop hoping on this one.

And I haven't responded to Eric's political post yet, in which he makes the reasonable if myopic argument that boosh will do a better job of intimidating terrorists than Kerry will. boosh is more intimidating, true; it's because he's loony. Madmen can/will do anything, up to paving whole countries for no apparent rational reason. We've all been there before, and those of my listeners sufficiently out of touch with reality that they're willing to vote for shrubbery aren't going to be convinced by listening to me now. I should think of more productive things, such as obscene chocolate baked goods.

Is anyone else here a Durian fan?


Joel. Still stuck on desserts, if trying to shift to healthier ones.

The Joyous Drain of Parenting

Had a talk with Zack this afternoon. It was a lot of work; he's extremely bright, very perceptive, and has no bullshit tolerance whatsoever and some weakness in etiquette. He quit after about twenty minutes, but twenty minutes of being able to stay with me in heavy discussion is damn impressive for a sixteen-year old. I was much pleased with him, and told him so.

I haven't had such a good discussion partner in years, and I need to watch that. The last time I had an "unlimited opportunity" to philosophise, the bull session was called on grounds of exhaustion after about thirty hours. Zack doesn't have that kind of stamina, and it's unreasonable to expect him to develop it any time in the near future. If he tries for it, he'll probably developed it by his mid-twenties.

The high from working has worn off; shortly I'm going to fall in the general direction of the bed and see if I hit it. Since it takes up about half the room, I anticipate an easy success.