October 29th, 2004

Inside Out

Got a good list of things to do today, mostly practical. Also need to do more social stuff, but that's going to be hard to do while moving. Moving Day is Monday!

The more inwardly I turn, the better an outside I have. How does that work? What's missing from the picture?

back to RL,



Wrote a long and involved response to someone, and managed to say everything exactly wrong. Phoo. I'll do the lit'rary analysis tomorrow; I don't *think* I was being an ass, but I've been wrong before.

Wrote letters separately to each son; I think I did better on those. The one to Dad is still in progress.

And I work graveyard shift Sunday and Monday nights, and move during the day on Monday. I think something is a bit off with this schedule. Have to figure out what.


Joel. Who should probably go have a beer, but will settle for re-reading some appealing fiction, instead.