November 3rd, 2004

Still Moving

Hi, folks –

It’s 9:22am by my computer, and I’m treating myself to breakfast at Burger King. Not the healthiest, but for $3 it’s an affordable luxury.

The National Distraction is still running, and the Complacents haven’t had the guts to scream “Fraud” yet. And they won’t. So: The U.S. as we know it down the tubes, as this means the Crooks *will* find a way to steal it, and the Complacents, like last time, will merely whine a bit after the fact. I had much more use for the 25-year-old John Kerry than I do for the current version. The 25-year-old had guts. Still better than the alternative, though.

There’s some outside hope that the “moderate” republicans will do something. I don’t know *what*; all I can think of is having W declared incompetent to serve, which would leave us with President Cheney, who is at least arguably sane, but hardly better. If someone bumps him, too, we then get President Hastert. Anybody know anything about Hastert? I like the idea, but I’d sooner put money on Jamie learning to fly by flapping her arms.

So, back to the Real World. I need to write to Zack and to Cathy, and to Dad. I also need to finish moving. Objective for the Day: Clean out, and clean, my bedroom at the old place. Update: Got another carload moved, but a housemate has borrowed my hand-truck, so I can't move furniture. Phoo. /Update.

I need to regularize my schedule. In retrospect, I should’ve stayed up working all night and be going to bed now. Failing that, get up to an alarm, shower, and go for a run. I do keep waking up with all these lovely carnal thoughts, but no one here to do something with about them and I seem to lack enough interest to force things to a conclusion by myself. And the latest dream included Can, Phyl, Trish, three women and four men I’ve never met, and would get rather crowded, as well as taking all day.

So I’ve got until 2:30pm before someone else wants me to do something specific; let’s see what I can get done before then.



Okay. Next?

The Distraction is over and sanity lost. Okay, what do we do *now*?

How can I build my family and my household so that we maintain our *own* sanity, without recourse to or veto from the Mainstream, in any and all of its incarnations? Having asked the question, how do I teach it to my children?

I've still got moving and house-making to do. I think I'll go read some junk fiction for a while, first. After that, I'm booked solid from 2:15pm through 7am tomorrow. Anyone up for breakfast?