November 13th, 2004

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I've got an hour before I need to be out the door and working with the boys. Gabe has dance today, like every Saturday, and Zack and I are going furniture shopping.

It's been a hell of a week. The car being towed was the big pain in the butt. I'd like to figure out some way in which I subconsciously caused that, so I could take responsibility for it and Make It Be Different. But thinking back on it, I can't; it's just more of the Random Unpleasantness of Authority Figures With Power Complexes. There may be some wild underlying metaphysical connection, but if so I don't know how it works or how to describe it.

My bike was stolen yet again; that makes three bikes in the last year. That at least I had a bit of responsibility for; I left it outside the door instead of inside. Locked, but I now know that's not enough; it needs to be locked *to* something, or the thief will just pick it up and carry it off.

I need to develop some new elements of daily routine, and I need to develop a whole new routine for days after I've worked a graveyard shift. My body needs better cues about when to sleep, when and what to eat, and how to run the digestive system.

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On a graveyard day, I need to come home and either go to sleep or do something productive and go to sleep later. And it needs to be emphatic and definite. Haven't figured out *what*, yet.