November 15th, 2004

'Nother day... dollars.

Was an eventful weekend; took Gabe to dance Friday and Saturday; got chest-pains while he was dancing and called an ambulance. Turned out to be gastric reflux, not another heart attack. This is good in and of itself, but means I'll be getting ambulance and hospital bills for what turned out to be comparatively trivial.

I don't know if St. Catherine's Hospital in Smithtown, NY is simply incompetent, or only treats charity patients like shit. I suspect the latter, which doesn't speak highly of their nominally christian values. Five hours after they had my test results they still hadn't gotten around to giving them to *me*, so I signed myself out and walked out the door. I can call for the results some other day. Maybe they'll give them to me. But I got the verbal answer from the cardiologist that my heart wasn't the problem, which was the main answer I needed.

Got home to answering machine messages asking me to come in to work the previous three nights, plus tonight. Good to know I'm wanted. Unfortunately, even working full-time at this job won't even cover my rent, let alone full expenses. *With* child-support it'd cover, but barely. Gotta file those papers.

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Spoke at length with my sister last night, which did turn out to be useful. My family is the center of my life, but how is "family" defined? Core element is Caring For My Children. Caring for siblings and parents comes after that.