December 5th, 2004

That famous ghost, Not-Me.

Kid party starting to wind down; starting to wonder to what degree I'm going to get the house back to liveable tonight before I go to work.

Also wondering about a yahoogroups thread going on that I've seen before, basically claiming all the problems of the world are due to Straight White Males. Gee, I wish I were that powerful.

Okay, the head evil bad guy of the world right now is a SWM, and so is the richest guy. We're not a union; Bill Gates isn't going to give me any money, and George Bush isn't going to declare war on someone, or refrain from doing so, because *I* want him to. Neither of them has a beard, either; shall we declare war on beardless people as a result?

To paraphrase Scott Adams: Those are *other* Straight White Males. I didn't do it. I haven't attcked anybody, raped anybody, fired anyone (since '98, anyway, and it was a SWM), declared war on anyone, or been nasty to anybody. There are problems in the world and I'm willing to help work on them; I didn't cause them.

Now back to laundry and cleaning the house.