December 31st, 2004

Where's the Bluebird of Happiness when you need the feathery bastid?

Hi, all --

I should *not* get up and read the news first thing. We *are* in the Crazy Years, and wallowing in the reporting of it won't help. Nor will trying to lift the world on my shoulders solo; even in a back lift, I top out at just over a ton. Perhaps a small asteroid...

So I need to find some chunk small enough for me to actually do some good on, and do it. Probably starting with my own life; there are a few messes that need cleaning up. Unless anyone would like to trade messes? I'll clean up yours, you clean up mine? At least *your* messes would be novel to me; my own are all too familiar.


Joel. Always happy to share.

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Got up, showered and dressed, took out the recycling. Now at loose ends; no people around to talk to. Feels like some sort of '50's B-movie; Where did All the People Go?

Eaten by aliens? Haven't tried that fetish. Sucking on tentacle is fun at a sushi restaurant, though, so why not in the bedroom?

Next: Laundry and Resume Printing. Then Resume Distributing and Furniture Gathering. Then call Dvd. Then lunch, probably.

Maybe the neuron is hiding under the stairs...


Joel. Here, neuron!

Okay, he stole it. Now what?

First, read: .

So: Assume for discussion that enough Democrats grow spines and actually start doing their jobs, and thus when the electoral college meets they refuse to certify the election.

Now what?

My prediction is that the American Imperialists will simply take over the country by force. We've got the troops so we win kind of stuff.

Aargh. I'd been hoping to see my younger son through to his artistic career; now I have to consider joining my bro' in moving to Thailand.

I need to worry about more local things. Furniture. That's a good one.

Aargh again,