January 5th, 2005

What a lovely theory Sleep is

Giving up on sleep; I'll browse for another twenty minutes or so and go shower. And I'll have to leave work early to get to Gabe's dance class, even though his brother will be taking him *to* his class. Won't be an issue with Bosslady; told her about it before I was hired.

Mark lives near work; maybe I can borrow a couch at his place for a nap sometime. Mark, are you on LJ?

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Made it to work; had to open the gate by muscle-power, which was a good workout.

Now to generate to-do lists, and start doing them.

Non-work related:
Call the two women I met Monday night
Update kid log
Call Alvin Ailey School for appointment
Start researching schools for kids for next year
Devise summer plan for Gabe for this year; Zack can do his own, or ask for help if he needs it.
Get out the door here by 2:45pm so I can meet the boys on time

Not Today:
Get cable modem working
Get furniture and stuff out of storage and consolidate everything
Clean up everything, including car
THere was something else to go in this place, but I forgot it
Deal with EvilEx re: money not received
Deal with old landlord re: deposit return
Deal with old lawyer re: escrow not returned
Deal with Delaware job re: nonpayment
INvestigate bankruptcy
Investigate neighborhoods in NYC to move to.
Read Zack's stuff
Write PolyMars ficton
Do new Community post

That ought to keep me busy for a few minutes.

And now for the work-related list, which I'll do off-line...

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Busy day at work, not bad. Met boys at dance, took 'em home; they played Taiko Drum-Master. Gabe decided to go sleep at his Mom's.

I am suddenly depressed. Not because Gabe went to his Mom's, though he's such a bundle of positive energy I might be able to avoid noticing depression 'til after he went to bed.

I'm just noticing the burned-out places again, and what's left of nerves there still hurt, even if there's not enough left to cause much pain.