January 9th, 2005

Sunday Mornin', getting started

Okay so Sunday is my household day for doing house-work. Step One is getting my day's list together, which I've done. Also put away clean laundry and got showered; all good things.

Next thing is to write a post describing how I want my household to work. This is primarily for dialogue with my son blackmonkeymage, but I hope to use y'all for feedback. Since I enjoy getting close enough with people that it becomes feasible to invite them to live with me, please comment on my household as if you're considering doing so. Maybe I can meet your needs and tastes and maybe I can't, but if I know what they are it makes it a lot easier.

No, relocation is not an option at the moment; my Ex still controls my younger son and I have to be here for him.

And on we go...


So the first draft of my Household Statement of Intent, for your consideration:

I want this to be a happy, joyous, lively, effective, and peaceful place. This statement subject to revision as people contribute better adjectives.

I want the House to be a pleasant place to live. To that end, the public rooms will be kept nicely decorated, tidy, and clean. Private rooms should be spotless and organized once a week; how much your room runs down between times is your business as long as you're not attracting insects or vermin or damaging the building.

I want meals to be pleasant, an exercise in gastronomic artistry, nutritious, and not harmful (such as pesticide issues, for example). I'll expect you for dinner more often than not; I'd prefer to be notified if you're either absent or bringing company, but will cope with unexpected company if it occurs.

As a Household, we are an economic unit. So I want the economics to be clear, obvious, and well-organized. We should know at any given time what the Household resources are, who has them, and what's being done with them, and the same for our obligation *to* the household.

That applies more broadly to non-financial assets, as well. I own tools, for example. Which ones, and where are they? Are they open to public use?

Everything should be working and in good repair, or if under repair we should know what the status is and the repair should be in active progress. Projects should not sit half-completed for weeks on end; preferably not days on end either, though supply problems are known to occur and do have to be dealt with.

And further, to knowledge and experience. Do I know how to use those tools? Does anyone else?

Another goal of this Household is the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. We should read together, and the House library should be accessible to all, with typical library procedures for making sure the books don't get lost or hurt.

The House should also be a social center. The Calendar is posted in the kitchen; feel free to invite people over at any time this doesn't conflict with a social event already posted. (Example: If I've posted a party for Saturday night, the living room is taken, but if you want to have half a dozen friends over in your room for a D&D game, that's not a conflict as long as you're in reasonable control over their behavior.)

We are also a social unit. This doesn't limit your participation in any other social units; you can be a member of churches, clubs, families, and so on without asking the permission of the household. Notification is considered good manners, though; if you're going to be gone every new moon for the sacrifice or some such I should know not to make dinner for you and the laundry person should be ready for the messy clothes the next morning.

The Membership of the Household will meet once a week to discuss chores and activities for the oncoming week, and review and celebrate the successes of the previous week. This should not take longer than ten or fifteen minutes, plus additional optional time for more celebrating.


There's probably more, but that's what I think of right now. Your thoughts?

Almost moving furniture

Well, we got the entertainment center over here, and up the first flight of stairs. It's now resting on the downstairs neigbor's porch, as we try to figure out how to get a six-foot tall, 56" wide and 18" deep cabinet around a 33" square corner. Zack was quite helpful, but even so it's going to be interesting.

Is there a geometer in the house?