January 10th, 2005

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My brain is here, but I think my soul is fried. Where did my world go?

I'm about to start another week at the New Job. It's better than the old job, in that I make enough money to feed my kids. But it's not creative work and it will be a while before I can make it go anywhere. And between insomnia, getting to work at 7am and busting butt to get the actual work done before the bosslady shows up and I turn into a babysitter, doing the babysitting, and then taking Gabe to his dance class -- where did *I* go, and what am I doing *for me*?

I feel I'm being eaten by my cover.

(no subject)

Work, then Gabe to dance, then out for bubble tea, then home. Gabe decided to go back to ex's place; I didn't make an issue of it. Sleep soon.