January 11th, 2005

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Showered, mostly dressed and heading out the door soon. Much more I want to say to keep Life balanced, but need to hit the road, and then to get work done. So I'll save further discussion 'til lunchtime as a reward for a good morning.

Home. Now what?

The title about says it. I now have a workable dayjob that'll support the family, without achieving any worthwhile goals of its own unless I get another opportunity to broadside Benny and actually get through to him, which seems to be marginally less likely than him spontaneously combusting. I just spent ten hours there, bracketed by two hours of high-speed driving in abysmal weather that really *should* have been three hours of driving, but I do get impatient at times. And now I'm home to an empty house, other than the puppy. Good to have the puppy here, at least.

So I'll grab something to eat, and then try to do something Useful.