January 17th, 2005

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My head is not happy with me, and I'm not sure why. I'll go through the half-dozen or so possible reasons, treat the ones I can, and hope I feel better. A lot of folks have been coming down with the Standard Winter Awfuls lately, and I'd prefer it wasn't that, as the current version seems to require a week's bed-rest.

On the local trivia front I need to clean up the kitchen, do laundry, put the stereo together in the living room, and get furniture out of storage. And tonight go look at a Lowry organ I'm picking up for Zack. So if I were being truly productive I'd be doing *that* running around instead of dabbling here.

Then comes the more entertaining part of generating some fantasies to live by, both intermediate and long-term. A shower first, I think.

(no subject)

Okay, I figured out the problem; I'm blocking pain. That's good, to a degree, because I'm not *feeling* pain, but it also means my time-sense is shot. It's eleven AM, and I haven't *felt* time pass since 5am when I woke up.

It also means I'm very distractable; I've gotten up half a dozen times to Go Do Something, only to find myself back at the computer reading webcomics two minutes later. But I'm not *feeling* the pain, which is still a good thing. But I've said that already.

Been talking with Zack about the similarity between high school, for him, and my current job, for me. Unless and until I can get Benny to agree to some serious action it is and will be a dayjob, that exists to make money to support me doing other things. Zack doesn't care about high school in a similar fashion. But where *are* our passions, and how are we using the nominally necessary daytime activities to support them?

Brain wandered off; have to go find it.