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(no subject)
Ow. Headaches don't generally wake me out of a sound sleep. I've taken pills and a hot shower, and the upper right front corner of my head still feels like it's caught in a machine pres.s

And I've got stuff I might as well respond to from Zack. As long as I can still find the keyboard.

Response to AngeloverNH: It only *sounds* like a wet hen.
Um. I'm not really sure if I should say anything here or not.
Thank you for so doing...Collapse )

Response to blackmonkeymage; I'm grumpy but still communicating.
I'm running into that 4300-character limit a lot. I'll work on being more succinct; in the meantime, I'll answer as a new post, so as to get in everything I've said.

Anyone want to appoint themselves my editor, your services would be most welcome. I regret I can't pay for them at the moment.

On to response:Collapse )

(no subject)
Heat's back on. This is good. Head still hurts, but not nearly as much. Conversation with Zack is being interesting; thanks to those participating. Snowing steadily, still.

Here, brainbrainbrain...