January 24th, 2005

(no subject)

A good day; after no barking from bosslady had an excellent talk with Zack while Gabe danced. Zack's going to summarize it for me as a paid job; we went over a hell of a lot of fairly complex philosophy. Anything of that he retains he *deserves* to get paid for. If he actually tracked the whole conversation I may have to take out a loan. Then a ride home singing with Gabe, followed by bubble tea.

I need to come up with a third part to the theme from "Man of La Mancha." This is a rhythmically very complex piece, and the play is fairly convoluted as well. Perhaps a singing role for Rosinante?

After bubble tea, Gabe did homework while I cleaned kitchen and did laundry, and then we played Timeline, a Cheapass (tm) game. And shortly I fall down, since I've been up since 2am and need to get up no later than 5:30am tomorrow. The boys have volunteered to join me for breakfast; since the schools are on delayed opening they can then go back to bed for a couple of hours. Me, I've got work to do, but thanks to the bosslady's attack of sanity today I actually know what I should be doing tomorrow. Not bad.