January 25th, 2005

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Up at usual insane hour instead of absurdly insane hour. Maybe grab another nap? Update, first.

Planning on making breakfast for kids before diving out the door; don't want to be late as I actually have a handle on what to do this morning, rather than simply wading through chaos. And have Zack to respond to, as well as several emails to write and phone calls to make. And have to find me a cellphone. Life is busy, which is better than not.

And my head doesn't hurt. This is Goooood.

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Okay, showered, shaved, and getting dressed. Some trepidation about the day; it'd be classic pattern for bosslady to come into the office spitting fire after having been nice the day before, and that would be a real bummer if it occurred. OTOH, it hasn't happened yet, and thinking about it is borrowing trouble. Better to make breakfast for the boys, figure out what to do with the entertainment center on the downstairs neighbor's porch, and ponder Zack's post, as well as money issues, towards the end of doing something about each of them this evening.

Multitask? Me? Nah, it'd interfere with juggling the chainsaws.

Pass me the Stupid Hat

I just figured out what I've been doing wrong at work. I've been forgetting to tell the boss I'm done. So of course she thinks I haven't been doing anything. Same problem I've been trying to draw my son's attention to; I wonder where he got it from?

Tomorrow will be a bit stressful, because it'll be a short day and I've still got a lot of stuff to get done. Thursday will be better.