January 27th, 2005

Juggle FASTER, dammit.

Okay, so maybe I'll be at work an hour late this morning. I'll still be an hour before everybody else.

Start of excellent discussion with chaos_cat yesterday. Need to do more with that. Hopefully I won't knock him ass-over-teakettle.

Work is improving, but has a long way to go. I need to get better about some of my own habits, and I'm damn sure bosslady won't give me any time or slack in doing so. The office needs structure, I'm the one who has to create it, and I can't afford to get caught in the process of doing so. And I have to get ready for the clerk quitting, which will probably happen in a few weeks. Ben seems to think if things get too tight bosslady will just fold up the business and go do something else. I need to get alternate plans in place in case that happens. More than plans; backup actions.

A couple of things will get dropped next week. No idea which ones, yet. And bosslady will inevitably shit a brick, and I'll have to deal with that too, which will greatly interfere with picking up whatever gets dropped and keeping the juggling routine going.

Gotta re-group a bit. Gabe performed last night; trombone rather than dance. He's improving, and I need to get on the horn about getting him a trombone teacher. And a voice coach, and some performing gigs.

Zack wants to learn break-dancing. This is good. I need to both help and stay somewhat out of the way; he doesn't recognize his own needs for turf, which makes them harder for me to recognize -- and his needs are more subtle than most.

And correspondence with him over the last week has been superb. More on his side than mine; I need to do more.

For the family, I need to start planning the move, taking *action* on the plans, and building up Gabe's enthusiasm for it. And he hasn't been with me much over the last couple of weeks. Hard to be enthusiastic if you're not there. Need to do more *now*, to build up the energy to make *later* happen.

And what about for *me*? I haven't done jack about grad school since December. I also need to reform some habits; with the work chaos I haven't been getting any exercise, and my diet's been slipping. I need to improve both; another heart attack and I won't be much good for anybody.

Nor have I been doing much socially. One date with Sharra, who is lovely and impractical; I can't really work around five hours in the car for a four-hour date on any reasonably consistent basis. And I very much doubt she has any interest in relocating, even if we were at a stage to discuss such things, which we're not. I owe responses to Kailyn and Profiteor, neither of whom I've met in the flesh yet. And to Noxalea, who actually posted something, for the first time in months. She's a sufficiently enthusiastic flirt that I suspect flirting is all that's going on there, and my intentions towards her have more to do with emotional stability than libido anyway -- but intentions aren't going to get anywhere without some level of contact, which she is superb at avoiding.

ANd then there's moving furniture, paying bills, and other mundania. Weekend.