January 30th, 2005

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Up at three. Might as well get busy. Need to shift my sleep schedule, though. If I'm going to be good with five to six hours, I need to be getting to bed at 11, not 9. Spend more time with Zack during *his* peak times, rather than mine. But I need to be awake and alert for that, and last night *he* sent *me* to bed, because I was looking too tired to be enjoying his company. Which was true.

Ended up having Shabbos yesterday, which was needed but means I'm going to be very busy today. I'll post more about that shortly; if you're up and it's between 3 and 8 am Sunday feel free to call me at 732=249-4034; human contact would be good.

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Several people have referred me to Dyer in the last couple of days, so I thought I'd comment:

Considering the 12 keys of intention (by Wayne Dyer):

1. Want more for others than you want for yourself.

This strikes me as utter flaming bullshit, guaranteed to produce failure in life. Think of it like the warnings on the oxygen masks in airplanes: Help yourself *first and fast*, or you won't be *able* to help *anybody*.

2. Think from the end. (See yourself as you want to be.)

And end up fantasizing yourself into oblivion. Having a goal is a nice and good thing, but what am I going to do *TODAY*?

3. Be an appreciater in your life.

Ah. A good bit of advice. Right now I appreciate not freezing my ass off. Soon I'll appreciate some clean laundry, as well. I can appreciate my son who's here, and my other son who isn't.

4. Be in good rapport with Source.

Okay, I don't speak the lingo. I don't know what Dyer means by either "rapport" or "Source."

5. Resistance is deviation from the Source.

Resistance is also good exercise, and allows your enemies to do you the favor of providing you with guidance. So?

6. Contemplate yourself surrounded by conditions you want to produce.

This one sounds good; seems to mean "Start appreciating the future NOW, so you'll be nicely warmed up when you actually get there."

7. Understand the art of allowing.

Understood and agreed; if you don't *let* people be nice to you, they ain't gonna.

8. Practice radical humility.

Low expectations are easier to reach, agreed.

9. Stay in a constant state of gratitude.

Gratitude frequently translates as resentment. Why would I want that?

10. Keep in mind you can never solve a problem by condemning it. (Shame is the lowest energy in the world.)

Agreed as far as it goes; the act of condemnation is not productive. But if you don't note the existence of a problem, you can't solve it.

11. Play the match game. (Match the Source in your intention.)

I don't understand this one. Now that I've made a match, what do I do with it?

12. Meditate.

Doesn't hurt.