February 1st, 2005

Conspiracy theories?

Okay, I've been having ongoing problems with insomnia.

Tonight, I happened to be awake at 2am anyway. My phone rang -- once, briefly.

How many nights have I been unknowingly awakened by that? Any? All the time? Is someone calling me, or is it just a system glitch? How could I find out? And is there a black helicopter in my closet?


Another day...

Time to be up and go to work. Not looking forward to it.

Yesterday's mishegoss: Bosslady took the morning off, which was peaceful. But she also took the week's payroll folder with her, so I couldn't post the payroll. She comes breezing in at 1pm, tell me she'll be with me in ten minutes to do payroll, and wanders into her office. I go in ten minutes later to get her, and she's found four things in the payroll she wants documented. (The numbers are right, she just wants to check 'em herself and wants me to get her materials to do that with.)

I get that started, and then it's time for me to go, as per my conditions of hire -- I've got kids to take care of. So bosslady starts throwing a tantrum about how important it is to get the payroll out, and that's supposed to be my job.

Hey, I was in at 7am to get it done. And if she'd left me the materials, it could've been.

Had a rough evening with Gabe last night, followed by interrupted sleep. And now for more yelling about payroll. I wonder if I can get through the day without quitting?