February 4th, 2005

Shabbos, and A Weekend

Had a great day at work -- bosslady was out of town, so I got to get work done -- got home in time to take Gabe to dance, discovered he was asleep. He was put on medication to see if he has ADHD, and the answer is apparently No -- the medication gives him rampant insomnia instead of calming him down, which is exactly what I'd expected. Net cost of the experiment is three night's sleep for him, which he will recover from with two afternoon naps.

Came home to a happy and cheerful Zack, who wants to go for a bike ride with me this weekend. Possibly Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon after his Japanese class. So I'm going to take his old bike, and we'll go buy a new one for him. Saturday morning, probably. I'll be going to the WeirdJews munch while he's Japaneseing. Sunday morning we'll get furniture out of storage. Sunday night we'll talk about saving, economic models, and planning. I need to get an outline together for him before then.

Going puppy-shopping with Gabe Saturday afternoon. Looking for something about thirty pounds, soft, lovable, and fluffy. I've met Cockers who fit the description, but we're looking for a particular dog, not a breed. Pound first, then pet stores.

Immediately, we're going out to an oriental supermarket for some fresh ginger and impulse shopping, then coming back to make salmon teriyaki for shabbos dinner. Anyone in or passing through central NJ who'd care to join us? After we've made the teriyaki sauce and put the salmon in to soak there's an episode of Serial Experiments Lain he wants me to watch, and that I also want to watch.

And somewhere in here I need to write up my statement of research interests and update my resume. And also clean the house and do the laundry and other such trivia. Perhaps while I'm at it I should build a bottle around a ship or something. As long as the planning and logistics are going to get absurd, they might as well be fun.