February 5th, 2005

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I slept in 'til 3:30AM today; sybaritic luxury. Don't have to be out the door 'til 8 to get Gabe to his Saturday class, then out puppy-hunting and bike-shopping. And writing and housework and financial planning; it's a busy weekend.

Haven't spoken with my parents much over the last month. I need more people to talk to for calibration. Perhaps I can bring up the topic at the weirdjews munch tomorrow. Jewish orthodoxy is all about calibration. I've never been Orthodox, because the practices fell out of sync with my belief system. But I suspect there will be enough shared beliefs there that the discussion can get started.

I'm not sure if I'm being coherent yet. The brain is working, but is it connected to the fingers?

(no subject)

Ziggyprime's icon this morning says "ever wonder what's in his head?" No, not really; I assume brains and little meaty bits like everyone else.

A number of people've posted requested rants. I understand the utility; ranting is easy, and it's one way to kick-start your mind. Go ahead and bitch about something, but concentrate on doing it *well*, and maybe it'll get your brain up to the point of being able to do something more useful. Me, I need people to talk to. More bandwidth is better; face-to-face is best, phone second, and email if I don't have another option. Short of that over the last couple of years.

I do wonder if my screwy sleep patterns are some sort of misfiring defense mechanism. Not being awake at the right times is a very effective way to avoid relationships.

Yay, I think.

Got Gabe a dog today. Clover, a half-Shepherd mutt, about thirty pounds. Bones the wolfhound mutt is ecstatic. He may be castrato but he still likes the smells.

Me, I'm pooped. Took Gabe into the city this morning for dance class; got home and tried unsuccessfully to nap and then went out shopping instead. Still haven't touched the laundry or housecleaning. Have vague thoughts about generating some interesting fantasies, but don't think I've got the energy to even think about it.