February 16th, 2005

(no subject)

Need to turn some attention away from work; have to get the child-support mess straightened out. Ex has decided that now that real money is involved, she doesn't feel like paying, and is doing a marvelous job of revisionist history to justify not doing so to herself. So I have to go back and deal with lawyers again. A lawyerly friend pointed out to me by existing that *not* all lawyers are evil money-grubbing scumbags, but "family law" lawyers do seem to be the bottom of the barrel in most cases.

Had to get hard with Gabe about walking his dog, which caused him to go running to Mommy, who played the conflict for all it's worth, of course. Zack, OTOH, insisted on being taught to use the carpet steamer so he could clean up the dog mess. I'm real proud of that kid.

Ben assured me at lunch that despite the daily threats bosslady has no intention of actually firing people, so as long as I can take the abuse and do my job I can continue to get paid barely enough to make things work. I'm thinking of it as a research project in how to handle abuse, when I can stay that rational.

Still thinking about the kink-filter post, but thoughts aren't quite coherent enough for words as yet.

Off to the salt-mines.