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Poly Household Accounting
The accounting model I want to discuss with Zack is based on two assumptions: Work within the household is to be paid at fair market rates, and everyone in the household contributes in proportion to their income. So if we have a housewife, and agree that $3K/mo. is a fair rate of pay for housewifery, then that $3K becomes a standard monthly expense. The housewife then pays a fair amount of that right back *into* the household, so it's partially a wash transaction, but it establishes hir worth and value.

It also provides a way to train kids about finances. If the total household income is, say, $7K/mo, and the kid makes $70 doing chores and such, sie pays 1% of the household expenses. The kid is considered financially adult when they've paid a full adult share of the household expenses for a year.

I'll edit and add to this later.

I need to get outside-of-work stuffCollapse )

In the office, along with the butterflies in my belly. Need to find a way to send them home. I also have a shitload of work to do, and a second shitload of non-work work to do. And I have more useful and entertaining things to say, but the above don't leave me with the time to say them. Over the weekend, perhaps.

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One PM, only an hour and a half to go before I'm free for the weekend!Collapse )