February 19th, 2005

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Woke up to an odiferous stench; apparently both dogs crapped in the living room over night. Got the boys up; Zack jumped right in to cleaning up; Gabe ran for the bathroom, retched, and generally added to the confusion. We have to have a family discussion about Control Of Your Pets; everyone's getting dressed, first.

I don't want to have a "crash" day today; too much to do. Got haircut last night, though, so I'm one item ahead on my list.

(no subject)

Got the oil delivered, got the shit cleaned up, started the reorg of the living room and went out to breakfast. Good so far. Have something to write about: Keeping the week on track.

I'm Jewish, shabbos serves this among other functions for me. But the culture's broken; I have to be able to *explain* to Zack what we're doing with our behaviors and why. The purposes of doing this are to identify ossified customs that no longer serve a productive function, and to make sure that all functions that need to be covered are.

We got on to this subject when discussing the need for a weekly talk about money. I mentioned the posts a number of people have made on my blog pointing out that money is necessary for life in American culture, but it is not sufficient. Agreed. So what is the agenda of the Weekly Family Meeting? How much happens before shabbos, and what happens afterwards?

I'll post my thoughts shortly; I wanted to get the questions out there quickly so everybody can participate. I intend to crosspost this; apologies to those who receive multiple copies.

And there's *more* shit in the living room; time to drive a cork into the dog.