February 22nd, 2005


Just had a very welcome if very strange conversation with my father. He'd volunteered as facilitator in conversations with my Evil Ex just before our divorce, and when the legal shit started flying I'd asked him to come testify in court as to what he'd mediated. He had declined, on grounds that "New Jersey is too cold." This struck me as being utterly transparent bullshit.

In tonight's conversation, he agreed with me that what I remembered hearing would have *been* utterly transparent bullshit, and stated firmly that he had no memory of that conversation and would have behaved otherwise.

I still believe I heard what I heard. But now I'm dealing with a problem of selective listening rather than one of narcissistic focus on personal comfort. I find this a lot easier to deal with.

Now what I can do about being up and awake at 2am is a different problem.

(no subject)

At work; getting ready for the Entrance of the Bosslady. Feh.

Tried having a phone conversation with Zack on the way in to work; didn't go well. Need to think on that.

I'm not settled enough to write anything coherent while waiting for the entrance of the dictatrix, so I'll spare y'all. More later.