February 25th, 2005

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I'm not going in to work today, which is good. Can't; got plowed in. I can probably get my car dug out by lunchtime, but since today's a Gabe-Dance day I'd have just enough time to drive to work, stick my nose in the door, and leave.

More about work under the "non-work" filter later, if I can't avoid it.

My iBook quit last night; starting it up under wall power with the battery removed started it. If anyone can explain what the problem was and why the solution worked I'd appreciate it.

Gotta call the Trock today to ask about Gabe auditioning with them. Be a real hoot if he got it; he'd fit right in.

A lot of people have been posting about insomnia recently. Shall we start a "PLease call me at 3am" club?

(no subject)

Just had an *amazing* conversation with Zack. We're about to go out to lunch; I'll try to summarize it later.

Having your kid become an adult is the best part of being a parent.

And somebody is calling my phones and leaving no messages. If it's you, say something next time, okay?