February 26th, 2005

Ben, call me if you can read this

Ben, we need to talk NOW. Life will get Really Really "Interesting" at the office on Monday whether we talk or not; if you want to have input on what goes on you and I had better talk BEFORE it happens.

I *have* been calling your cell phone; you don't answer and it doesn't take messages.

(no subject)

My conversation with Zack yesterday was mostly, or at least started mostly, on the topic of treating him as an adult. One of the main points was that adults have responsibility for picking and enforcing the agenda in adult conversation. When I used to speak with him *as a child*, the conversation was on the subject of my choosing and continued until I thought it was over. As an adult, he not only *gets* to say "This topic relates to this other issue over here," he has a *responsibility* to do that. He has to help steer the conversation to make sure that relevant topics get covered and irrelevant ones get sorted out.

There was a *lot* more; I'll try to get it all out. But I wanted to get this bit out quickly.

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Got Gabe out the door, slept for an hour, and am feeling very foggy/befuddled. Evidently just took 20 minutes staring at my Friends' page without absorbing anything.

Still obsessing about crazybosslady. Spoke with kailyn25; mentioned my Mom's theory that the obsesing is caused by my Mom having screamed a lot between my ages 3 and 7. The confrontation will take place Monday morning, probably about 10:30am when crazybosslady wanders into the office. I have other things I could/should be doing between now and then.

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Just spent half an hour on the phone with Optimum On Line, challenging a bill.

My thesis: Connectivity providers are providing access to basic communications, and are the modern day equivalent of providing access to the street. If you can't get to the street, you can't get to *anybody*.

My observation is that they're thieves and extortionists. I didn't get service until January 21st, but they want to bill me $230.94 for service back 'til mid-December that I never received, and they've cut off my service until they receive the payment they don't deserve. Fortunately I still have the DSL I didn't get disconnected when I signed up for the service they're not providing.

So next question is do I give up, bite the bullet and pay them money I can't afford and they don't deserve in order to get connectivity I need? Do I have a viable alternative?

Zack is the one most affected; I'll talk to him as soon as he's talkable. It's okay for teenagers to sleep in on Satudays.