February 27th, 2005


Okay, I've figured out why I was staying at work, so I figured out how I can get out.

I can't quit because NJ courts being as crazy as they are I could lose custody of my sons. I'll spare you the detailed explanation of how something that crazy can be true; take my word for it at the moment.

My strong conjecture is that the bosslady won't fire me because she doesn't want to pay an unemployment claim for me. So if I tell her I'm not eligible for unemployment, the problem will solve itself very quickly.

I can't believe how good I feel contemplating being fired. I'm still *awake* since 3am, but I can do okay on four hours sleep.

barking_iguana was over for dinner last night, and we played a game of Risk, which was fun. I vented at him; he didn't get a chance to vent to me, so we made a tentative date for tomorrow.

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Got a bit more sleep, now to calibrate. I'm not sure crazybosslady will accept a phone call, so I may have to go in tomorrow to settle things. I'd prefer not, but I can do it if I need to.

What do I do next?

Easy part: Finish a resume, get it out there and pound some pavement. Maybe I'll find something. I'll be getting another paycheck and a half, which will do for March's rent, so things won't become difficult 'til at least April.

Also, finish the lawyer papers and get those in.

Research schools for the boys in New York. Research neighborhoods to live in.

Do more looking at the professional dance scene in New York. Noodge Kit about the favor she'd promised looking for schools in Hollywood. See if it's possible to go *see* the Trocks, so I can better help Gabe prepare.

Siggy's working for Cirque du Soleil; maybe I should get in touch with him. Not sure how, at the moment.

This is all trivia, although some of it's important trivia. A break for coffee, and then on to locate the Central Subject and address it.