March 2nd, 2005

Wee Free Men

Reading Pratchett's "Wee Free Men" while at lunch. The young girl-also-witch is trying to escape the Queen of the Elves, who is the Queen of Non-Reality. In fleeing a dream tidal-wave, she can't save her little brother, so she saves the kid nearest her, instead. ANd the faces off against the queen, who tries to guilt-trip her.

My own take: "I'm a real person, so I'm responsible for *all* of it. And I didn't save all of it, and if I was obsessed with failure, I could count that as one. But there's *always* failure; what counts is that if I work at it, I can *also* make success. And I *did* save *someone*. You just kill people, and you don't even gain anything from it."

Later, of course, she gets her little brother back. But the Queen of the Elves is a nasty bit of work.

Pratchett made a different point, and being him, did a better job of it. It's good to have stories; that Radiolab segment I referenced yesterday suggests that all Self *is* is a story we tell to ourselves.

Back to work.

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I spoke briefly with Benny, and will again in an hour or so, and it looks like I'm now gainfully unemployed, or at any rate will be by tomorrow morning. So now on to planning the Collapse )