March 6th, 2005

A couple of axes

The ones I have in mind are Immediacy vs. Importance, and Effect vs. Experience.

To start with, they're not true dichotomies. Some things are immediate *and* important; some Experiences produce great Effects, and so on. But we're often called to make *decisions* about which is more important *now*, and so they come out phrased as dichotomies.

School-assigned homework is immediate; they hand it out pretty much every night, and you want to have it in on time by tomorrow. Does it have any lasting and prolongued effect on your life? Next stupid question?

There's stuff of value that can be derived from homework, but that's more due to our own abilities at scavenging than the intrinsic value of the material. College history professors, for example, feel that most if not all of an undergrad history degree is spent de-programming people from the crap shoved into their heads in high school.

Attention span not up to snuff yet; I'll get back to this.

Getting politics out of my brain

So a political thought, to get it out of my brain so I can move on:

My broad concern is that the GOP is behaving like out-of-control children; hey, we won, so we can do anything we want to and shit on anyone who gets in our way. I'm disappointed in the spinelessness of the Democrats at not confronting them much more sternly, but what if the Democrats share my opinion, and are avoiding confronting the GOP so as to avoid the open destruction of the country? Knowing their rights as a minority will *not* be respected, and choosing not to exercise them so as to avoid demonstrating that point?

I'm not sure I agree with that judgement, but it's attributing a much nicer motive to the democrats than the criminal complacency they've shown in my home state for the last fifteen years.

(no subject)

Okay, as soon as I'm done writing here I'm going to call my ex-cohusband and still close friend and discuss multitasking with him, as he's better at it than anyone else I've ever heard of.

What am I multitasking?

Parenting - General
Parenting - Gabe's career
Parenting - Zack's career
Grad School
Creative writing
Building Family
Community involvement - includes Poly, Jews, Kink, Blood Relatives, Fen/Space, and at least one Other.

Eight balls. In real life, I can only juggle three. As a project manager, I've managed six simultaneous projects before; it's doable. Part of what I want to talk to Jerry about is how to warm up. I know I have to get up to speed on each individual project, know what it needs and what it takes from me. I also have to get up to speed on the juggling, and that's what he's good at.

Job -- I don't want to overstress myself; a Project Co-ordinator job would be ideal. I could do it perfectly in my sleep, and the going rate for those is about $25 - $35/hr., which is fine. The ads I've seen so far that I could get have been Senior PM jobs, which I can do but would run my ass off; not a good combination.

Household -- just doing the chores doesn't take much, but re-learning myself and helping Zack learn about household esthetics will take time and attention. *Why* have dinner together? What behavior at the table makes it worthwhile? Why decorate the living room? What makes it look better and why does that make a difference? What function is served by increasing the home wa? How many unfinished projects do we have lying around that need to be either finished or disposed of? How many non-working pieces of equipment need the same treatment?

Parenting in general -- keeping track of schoolwork, talking with teachers, implementing the Household Accounting System to teach about money using real dollars, and so on.

Parenting - Gabe's career: Talk with Guillermo and Nicole some more; learn about where pro dancers go in Manhattan and what they do when they get there. I've got three new addresses in Mid-town to check out. Find the capoeria class and an aikido class for him; he needs both. Investigate a tap school for the summer.

Parenting Zack -- I have no clue how to structure this. Pouring knowledge into Zack is like trying to feed a black hole. Might talk with Joe Melhado on this; he thinks fast too.

Grad school -- haven't done a thing about it since mid-December. Need to catch up and get a move on. Getting in for fall '05 is vanishingly unlikely; I'm aiming at '06 already. Need to get volunteer work, make contacts, talk with people. Email first; find out who in NY is doing the right kind of work, read what they're doing, and email 'em some thoughts and questions prior to asking for a lunch.

Creative writing -- I've been generating plots and outlines, but no *product*. Need to get that started.

Building family -- I've never been able to make this work on purpose before; no idea how to go about it now. Rumor has it that finding someone to fuck is easy; finding someones to marry either permanently or term doesn't come with a manual. But going out and meeting people is at least a part of it. Need to do that.

Community involvement is simple crank-turning; easy enough to do, just very consumptive of time and energy.

So now to figure out how to toss which ball.

I've seen diagrams of juggling patterns for up to seven before; I've never seen an eight-pattern. Does anyone know where one can be found?