March 8th, 2005

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Blew most of yesterday too, although Productive Time was only 'til 3pm anyway. But I did call my lawyer and a dance contact, and I feel good about the upcoming day, other than the fact that it's pouring outside right now.

Last night after Gabe's dance lesson we went to the NJ poly support group meeting, and followed 'em out to the diner afterwards. Gabe kept an audience of about six entertained while I spoke with the rest; other than his getting to bed a bit late it was a lovely evening.

A friend was posting about the seven books he read last week, causing me to wonder where my own good reading habits went. Another thing to add to the "to work on" list.

(no subject)

Got close to reasonable sleep, got a morning workout and a shower, and I've got free time to do something productive. And my brain is a marshmallow.

Tried coffee. It's snowing like a sumbitch; I don't want to go outside to do anything. Perhaps up to the corner to see if I can get a Chaplin movie for Gabe.