March 12th, 2005

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Boy, I sure wish I could see these conversations coming; if I could tape 'em and transcribe 'em it'd be great. Was talking with Zack about passion in life, and why it is a good thing. I'll try to put down some details later, if he doesn't get there first. Mild discomfort at having to borrow his computer to do this entry on, but he wasn't using it, so at least I'm only putting him out a little bit.

When Murphy uses your hat for a latrine... know you're dealing with Customer Service.

I spent an hour on the phone this morning with Apple, then took my iBook to the Apple Store, where they gave me an appointment to talk to the "Genius Bar" at 7pm. Bawling me out for not scheduling this on the Web, as I was apparently supposed to be psychically aware is what I'm supposed to do. How I'm supposed to *do* that with a fried computer is a question they chose not to address.

So I show up at 7pm, demonstrate the problem, and am told that due to a small chip in the case, it's not covered by warranty and I'll have to pay $X hundred for the repair. On top of the $300 or so I already paid for the worthless extended warrantee. So I got on my cellphone right there in the store, called Apple Corporate, and discovered this repair is covered under a product recall from a year and a half ago. I've had my computer into the shop for service three times since then; why hadn't this repair been done *then*? No answer, of course.

ANd then I get home to discover the corned beef I'd been expecting to have for dinner is now lining the insides of a very happy wolfhound.

Well, at least the dog is happy. And I'll take some comfort from the ridiculous humor of the situation.

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Zack was kind enough to leave his machine out so I could use it tonight; I'm finding it oddly difficult to write on an unfamiliar machine. I do have a lot to say tonight; maybe I'll be ready to do so when I get up at 2am.