March 14th, 2005

(no subject)

Didn't get writing done yesterday; helped Gabe with his homework instead, and then worked on his treehouse with him. (It's in his bedroom; the "tree" is a lolly-jack.) I'm fine with that. My head is on straight and I have work to do later; going to try to get some more sleep after I'm done typing here/now.

Will need to work later on Clearing Out Old Crap. Unpacked boxes, stuff in storage, and so on. Need global solution to inventory problem. Need global solution for record-keeping problem too, and between those two solutions I'd be Fully Organized. I suspect I'm not going to be done with that before lunchtime.

Headache was what got me up; took meds and a big drink and am feeling reasonably human. More sleep now; work later.

(no subject)

So I'm up, conscious, and the brain seems to be working. Now, how to avoid distraction and get some useful stuff done?

The Two Most Useful Things are the child support motion and the resume. So I'll close down LJ after I'm done with this, stay with the word processor, and make some progress.

With occasional breaks to deal with the Magnificent Exploding Wolfhound, who seems to still not be over the effects of consuming the 3.5 pounds of corned beef he got away with.