March 15th, 2005

(no subject)

Another middle-of-the-night headache; I'm now up and semi-conscious. Thinking of Nice Warm Beds.

Thinking also of Discipline and Getting Moving. Now to go do.

It's my Birthday! Where's my head?

Happy birthday to me. I got my computer shipped off to Apple, to get fixed for the fourth time; maybe they'll get it right this time, but I'm not betting any money on it. Wrote to some netfriends, which felt good, but haven't written to the lawyer yet. Got the document open and on the desktop. And I've no clue why. Got tickets for the next trip to LA, though. Anyone there want to meet up April 15th or 16th? I'll be in San Pedro.

Gabe's performing in a concert tonight; I need to be there by 7pm. Before then, I should get some dinner, do some laundry, and clean some kitchen. And that's the *good* part of the day, because I can identify it and there's some pleasure in having some of it done.