March 16th, 2005

Do Something.

Today is Call Your Senator day; if you're in New Jersey, they're: Senator Corzine's local number is 973-645-3030; his D.C. number is 202-224-4744. You can send him email at his website at Senator Lautenberg's local number is 973-639-8700; his D.C. number is 202-224-3224. He can be emailed at his website at

Specific issue is to remind them that not letting the Neocons pack the courts is *important*, and they shouldn't give up on this issue or trade it off for momentary perceived political advantage.

In other matters, yet another night with the 2am headache. I could really do without that.

I'm trying to tie together a bunch of very disparate things; if I do, something good happens. Not sure what.

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A good morning talking with Zack, followed by talking with a social worker. Good insight; my plan for moving into NYC with Gabe might fail in court, which might be what I'm really afraid of. This makes sense; now to grok it in short order so I can get on to taking action.