March 24th, 2005

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Feeling panicked. My superb rationalization engine could come up with a dozen reasons why, easily, but it's the nature of rationalization engines that it could do that if I weren't panicked, too.

Keep it simple; solve the problem that's in front of me. Mail the letter, pick up the package, get the oil changed. Exercise. Eat, but keep it light. Shower. Beg. Clean up. Go get mail at old addresses. Get things out of storage.

Get all that done and it has been a good, busy, and productive day indeed.

(no subject)

An old post of mine from another list; the small quoted segments have been edited so as not to 'out' or inconvenence anyone. I'm not generating good *new* output today; might as well do a Collapse )


What is that particular type of corruption called where you own the law-making apparatus, and change the laws to make whatever felony you're planning on committing this week legal this week? Everything you do is *legal*, because you say so. But morality and ethics are entirely optional.

What is it called?