March 25th, 2005

Super Alts

Watching Gabe sing along to a McDonald's commercial touting the new Incredibles toys. Idea: Build a new mythos with an "alternative" super-family. Do any comics-savvy readers have some ideas for the super-powers not covered in that movie? Anyone have any idea what to use for the relationship map of such a family?

Separate topic: Mythic integrity in the Age of Tube.

Usual customer-"relations" fury

Last week it was Apple; the laptop I'd paid $1400 for, and $300 extra for the extended-care warranty, was in the shop for the fourth time since I'd bought it, all for the same problem. They'd announced a product recall on the problem, but hadn't applied their own recall to their own product when it was in their shop the first three times.

Now it's the cellphone. They got the address wrong when they opened the account, so I've never received a bill. But in order to keep my service, I have to pay what they want me to right now without checking over the bill they're about to mail me, any minute now yeah sure. They will confirm over the phone that they're double-billing me for what I already paid in the shop when I got the phone, but they disclaim responsibility for that. If I want to get that money back, I have to deal with the shop, not them. Their service and their name on it -- Cingular, BTW -- but they disclaim any responsibility for anything, including providing the contracted service.

Is it only electronic gadgets, or is it all service for anything? Has the business default become the four-page microscopic-text agreement, committing you to hundreds of things no one but their lawyer has ever read, in order to get any service for anything at all?

"Hi, I'd like to buy a muffin."

"Sure, sir, just sign our muffin service application agreement, right here."

"But this says I have to pay a fee every month forever. I'm only going to eat a muffin."

"Yes, but the atoms of the muffin will become part of your body, and so we deserve to receive royalties on things done with your body."

"The hell with this; I'll get a hot dog across the street."

"As you wish, sir, but I've seen his form, and it's *six* pages."



Joel. Who is tempted to resolve the problem by eating the cellphone. It *is* paid for, after all.

(no subject)

So my sister suggests I should get a teaching credential and start teaching special ed in public schools. Okay, not a bad idea; it's one I'd told to her two years ago. I'll get back to this. Got other things to do right this minute.