April 7th, 2005

(no subject)

Other than being awake now things are looking better. Got a new cover letter written; resume next. Have any of my porgammer friends ever worked with Joel Spolsky?

Then will come the specifics of figuring out next year for the boys; who's going to go to school where, and how I'm going to deal with the ex about it.

Up, up, up, up... down.

A great day, 'til about 6pm. Then had a discussion with Zack that went sour, in a way that I'll describe in more detail when I've got more energy. I hate it when that happens. Yes, son, I want to build a new and better world for you. No, I'm not going to have it done *tonight*, sorry. Yes, I greatly welcome your help. No, *you're* not going to have it done tonight, either. Sorry about that, too.

I suggested we take the conversation to email or here, so that we could note and move past such problems as "Hey, that sentence has three undefined variables in it." In writing, it's much easier to say "Okay, the following words are undefined there and need further discussion later, but let's get the rest of your idea out before we get back to that." At this point we had minor meltdown and discontinued conversation.

I think I want a malted. My cardiologist disagrees. My sons are with their mother tonight. Maybe I should go out and find some random kid and buy him/her a malted, so I can share in the enjoyment.

I've long had a desire for an elegantly done porcelain piece of cheesecake, so I could take it out and admire it at those times when I want to have a dessert and shouldn't. Porcelain malted just doesn't do it, for some reason.