April 12th, 2005

Knocking Opportunity

Will the woman with the soft and lovely voice who left a message on my home answering machine referring to one of my LJ posts please call again and SPEAK A LITTLE LOUDER this time? Leaving a number would help, too.


Joel. Who always seems to be out weeding the back garden when Opportunity knocks.

(no subject)

Got back from Fog Creek software. Literally didn't get in the door; they don't have lobbies to sit in any more. You've got a cellphone -- of course, *all* civilized people have cell phones -- so go find somewhere else to sit and we'll call you if we want you.

THey at least *did* have the courtesy to call an hour later and tell me they didn't want me. It'd've been a loooooooong day sitting in the downstairs deli, otherwise.

And tomorrow Gabe and I leave for LA, and Zack gets to spend a week on his own.